No two websites are the same and our flexible approach enables us to react to changing priorities and ensure maximum service. However, there are five main stages that Hands Digital adopt to ensure your project is completed successfully. These are…

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STEP 01.


The first phase of the project will be to produce a sitemap. The sitemap will contain the page navigation and how we structure the website from a content level. On approval of the sitemap, the website content will be generated to fit.

STEP 02.


The design of your website is an important factor when engaging with potential clients. When designing, we ensure website navigation is intuitive, content is easily accessible and the user interface is visually pleasing. Most importantly, we make sure the website structure is search engine friendly.

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STEP 03.


We will develop the home page design into a fully operational working model. This will show you how we intend to make the website move and how the navigation will work. It will show you how your website will work in an online environment across a range of different platforms – desktop, mobile and tablet.

STEP 04.


We will then develop the rest of the website using the sitemap and content provided in stage 1. This will again be uploaded to the testing area for further amendments, testing, content population and final tuning.

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STEP 05.


Once all aspects of the design and development are finalised, both Hands Digital and the client will have final checks, making sure all content has been added and the website is in a good condition to go live.

This is not the end of our journey together…

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