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WOW Hydrate

WOW Hydrate are a sports drinks brand on a mission to change the face of fitness hydration. WOW Hydrate provide consumers with drinks that are not only healthy, but also taste good.

The Challenges.

WOW Hydrate had limitations with their online ecommerce and subscription service. The previous website, which was built using the Shopify eCommerce platform, relied on multiple Shopify Apps to achieve a basic and inadequate subscription option.

With no flexibility on Shopify transaction fees, they required a more cost-effective approach in relation to merchant fees. Along with the Shopify Plus solutions was becoming too costly.

Finally, with the design constraints of the Shopify fixed templates, WOW Hydrate wanted a tailored website design that showcased their brand and integrated user experience

Online Shop - Essex - Marketing Agency - Hands Digital

Shop Website - Essex - Marketing Agency - Hands Digital

Subscription eCommerce.

WOW Hydrate requested an online subscription service like no other pre-existing on the market. As they provided 6 alternative flavours of their sports waters, this new system would allow the customer to seamlessly change the flavours of their subscription each month.

Creating a bespoke system to achieve the subscription adaptations was the easy part. The challenge was how the payments (Direct debit) responded to the customers changes. With heavy customisation to the WordPress (WooCommerce) CMS, we were able to achieve a customer dashboard with flexible account and payment features that satisfied our client brief.


SEO Ready

WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform for SEO! We included the best techniques to maintain and increase rankings.

Shipping Integration

Seamlessly integration with the DHL API would allow the client to regulate and manage orders via one website CMS (Content Management System).

Product customisation

The new Subscription portal of the website allowed their customers to login to customise their flavour choices each month. This was developed in such a way to not effect the direct debit payments.

Built for Future Growth

With the flexibly of a custom build, the website was streamlined and built for purpose. This new solution is completely adjustable for business expansion and future products and ongoing campaigns.

eCommerce Website - Essex - Marketing Agency - Hands Digital

The Result.

With WOW Hydrate’s high profile ambassadors (the likes of Tyson Fury and Kevin De Bruyne), we wanted to create a site with visual impact which presented the best user experience possible.

As around 80% 0f their traffic came from mobile devices, a Mobile First approach was adopted when designing the website.

Using the WordPress and WooCommerce platform, it allowed us to create a unique and accessible shopping experience. At the same time, it enables us to deliver a scalable, purpose built back-end content management system and eCommerce tools that met the clients requirements.

In addition to the to the mobile first approach, the finely tuned responsive design made the desktop experience equally as intuitive.

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