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Hormone Health

Hormone Health are private healthcare specialised for helping women by creating tailored management programmes for the sexual, reproductive and post-reproductive phases of their lives. With clinics across London, Glasgow, Nottingham and Oxford, they creating tailored management programmes for women’s health.

The Challenges.

Hormone Health had outgrown their previous website and wanted to improve their online profile. They were looking for a state-of-the-art website which is better aimed toward their target audience.

This new bespoke site had to represent the Hormone Health brand and core values of healthcare expertises and customer commitment. At the same time, it had to provide a deep insight into their clinic’s facilities and services.

Hormone health also had a large knowledge base of healthcare information. They were looking for an intuitive way to categorise and manage this complex structure of information.

Healthcare Website - Essex - Marketing Agency - Hands Digital

Healthcare Websites- Digital Marketing Agency - London - Essex

The Result.

Using our extensive industry experience, we managed to create a visually impressive digital marketing strategy for Hormone Health. The site is now geared towards showcasing their clinics and treatments, whilst tailored more towards their targeted market.
It also reflects their services and core values as leading healthcare professionals.

Visually standing out was also just one part, our strategy also involved a complete re-build and overhaul to their knowledge base. Categorising their information into their treatments made finding information simple. This method also benefited the SEO campaign, which followed the re-build.

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