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e&e Jewellery

Founded in 2009, e&e is a jewellery retailer that offers handmade jewellery and silver jewellery at an affordable price. With stores across Europe, including 6 in London, they cater to customers all around the world.

The Challenges.

Recognising the competitive nature of the jewellery market, we understood the challenges of reaching page one in SERPs. Most high-yielding keywords were extremely competitive, so a different and more effective strategy was necessary for SEO with this type of client.

Rather than dispersing our efforts across a broad spectrum of highly competitive keywords, we proposed a strategic approach: identifying a select few high-value keywords that offer more attainable opportunities within the competitive marketplace.

The Approach.

By channelling our resources into extensive keyword research and analysis, we could optimise our chances of securing page-one rankings. This strategy focused on optimising the full pages around a single keyword without resorting to keyword stuffing or exceeding the keyword density of the page.


Combining our technical approach with our SEO knowledge, we were able to achieve the best ranking positions and traffic results that e&e Jewellery had ever seen. Helping to achieve growth of their business beyond expectations.

+ 760%

Organic sessions increase

+ 61.3%

Page one keywords

+ 406%

Total conversions

Over expectations.

During the 24-month SEO campaign, e&e Jewellery experienced remarkable success on a national scale.

One particular keyword, ‘Sterling Silver Rings,’ secured a 3rd place national ranking on Google, standing alongside industry leaders such as Pandora, Tiffany, Beaverbrooks, and H. Samuel. In some months, this keyword accounted for over 75% of the website’s overall traffic and increase conversions by over 300%.

By adhering to the latest and constantly evolving algorithm criteria, we retained and improved our respectable ranking positions throughout the campaign.

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